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Swim Bike. Run. Though the basic format stays the same, triathlon has several racing distances, from the youth events all the way up to double and triple ultra distance events. Athletes of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels compete in triathlon yearly to prove that when you put your mind to something, anything is possible.

USAT Certified Triathlon Race Directors


Welcome to Tris4Health. We not only love being race directors but are triathletes ourselves. We are passionate about the Triathlon world - all distances - throughout the U.S.

What is all the excitement about Triathlons? It's one of the fastest growing sports in America - just take a look at a few of the statistics the USAT has published recently.

More than ever, American's are searching for a sport that will keep them fit but also interested and reduce injury from repetitiveness. Triathlons provide just that.

So for your next event, give us a call. We offer everything from race director guidance to detailed hand-ons event coordination. We can also help with things like generating sponsorship dollars and equipment rental. We love the sport and want to see more people get involved and get healthy!


// Andy Vidro

Co director

Andy is responsible for handling the technical side of the race ensuring all details are followed and sanctioning rules are adhered to. He also oversees all operations of the race. Andy has always enjoyed organized sports, 5k's, 10k's and half-marathons. Since entering the triathlon world, he has taken home several first place wins from MI to Las Vegas. Andy is also the president of the O'Hara Foundation - a group that raises funds and awards scholarships for athletes.

// Ann Vidro

CPA - Co director

USAT Certified race director

Enthusiastic and focused, Ann has a passion for the details and the drive to ensure each athlete has a positive experience during their race. She has participated in organized races since 1996, and joined the triathlon world fives years ago. She also recently completed her first half Marathon. A small business owner and resident in the Grand Rapids area for several years, Ann enjoys giving back to the local community in many ways. She actively leads a weekly bible study group for women, holds a position of Treasurer for Grand Rapids Initiative for Leaders and sits on the Alumni Board for Davenport University.


// Races

The Grand Rapids Triathlon is the second largest and fastest growing triathlon in the state of Michigan. The GR Triathlon believes in encouraging athletes of all levels so we offer several clinics designed for beginners and experienced triathletes alike. The GR Triathlon offers a sprint, Olympic and Half Iron distances as well as strongly encouraging relay teams. The sprint distance is a 600 meter swim, 20K bike course and a 5K run course. The Olympic distance is a 1500 meter swim, 40K bike course and a 10K run course. The Half Iron is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike course and 13.1 mile run course. With three different distances, a flat and fast course and beautiful scenery we offer something for everyone.

Held in and around beautiful Versluis Park in Plainfield Township, The Michigan Titanium is the first full Iron distance race in Michigan. We felt it was time to bring a USAT Sanctioned Full & Half Iron-Distance Triathlon to West Michigan. There are no other events of this caliber in this area. We feel this event will not only bring top athletes from across the country, it will also encourage a less experienced triathlete to participate in these next level events. The half iron is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike course and 13.1 mile run course. The full iron is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike course and a 26.2 mile run course. We also offer an half and full aqua bike option which is the swim/bike portion of each full race and we encourage relay team participation.

// Grand Rapids Triathlon

The Grand Rapids Triathlon held in June each year, offers a Sprint, Olympic and Half distance triathlon. For more information, visit the website:

// MI Titanium

The Michigan Iron will be the first full-distance triathlon in Michigan. Learn more at