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Meet the team that help make your favorite multisport and endurance events possible!

You may recognize Keith by the many different facial hairstyles he displays on race day – have you seen the handlebar mustache? Keith makes a statement wherever he goes!

Keith will be our site manager this year,  overseeing everything on ground zero, from setup to teardown.

Hometown:  Schoolcraft, Michigan.  Just a few miles south of Kalamazoo
Occupation:  Manager at Wise Owl Tree Company
Tris4Health Position: Site Manager
How did you get involved with Tris4Health?
Jon Conkling (Tris4Health co-owner) is a friend and helped spark my love for triathlon. I really enjoy the energy of race day so when I got the opportunity to be part of the team that makes the magic happen, I jumped on it!
What is your triathlon experience?
I completed my first sprint triathlon in 2016.  Since then, in total I have completed three sprints, one Olympic, one half-distance and one ultra-distance.
What is your favorite Tris4Health event and why?
My favorite T4H event is Grand Rapids Triathlon.  I love the run at the GRTri because of the size of the event and the energy that fills the whole town! I love that it is such a great event for the whole family with distances for everyone and it is a great spot for those who don’t participate to come and cheer others on.
Favorite Tris4Health race memory? 
My favorite T4H moment was crossing the finish line holding my daughter on my first Father’s Day!  I could not think of a better way to spend / celebrate my first Father’s Day!  I hope she loves triathlons as much as I do!
What do you love about multisport/endurance sports?
I love pushing myself, signing up for something that scares me, setting a training goal and breaking it and RACE DAY!!!  For me, training is a personal journey where I get to learn a lot about myself and push myself to get better along the way.  Race day is like a big party where I get to hang out with people that share that passion and celebrate the work we put in to get there.  Everyone’s road to race day is different and hearing everyone’s individual adventure is amazing!
Why should someone sign up for a Tris4Health event?
They should make a list of all of the reasons they should NOT sign up.  Those are the same reasons they SHOULD sign up!  Tris4Health is a great way to prove to yourself that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and they have great support along the way to help get you there!
Favorite song to listen to while training/working out?
ELECTRONIC!  When I am training, it is all about the beat! And as loud as possible!!!!!